Clark County Nevada Bans American Flag Waving

The freedom activist group “No Mask Nevada” has been holding demonstrations around Clark County to protest Governor Sisolak’s depressing mandatory mask mandate.

The events are attended by hundreds of patriots, with attendees holding signs and waving American flags at passerby’s who often honk and cheer back in support.

Many individuals believe the mask mandate to be unconstitutional and against their rights as Americans. Others feel sick, get anxiety, or endanger their health by wearing anything that can restrict their breathing. Businesses across Nevada, like the Smith’s in Southern Highlands have been discriminating against those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons and refusing them service…an action many say is against the law.

Last week at a No Mask Nevada rally in Henderson, the organization’s president Melissa Blundo (pictured to the left of me above) was informed by a Sgt. Blum from Metro that waving American flags were now “illegal.”

Shocked, he informed her that only tiny hand-sized flags were allowed. When asked “why” the officer responded, that flags have been banned as a “safety concern” because they could be used as “weapons.” An interesting concern about a thin piece of PVC pipe, given the fact that many patriots show up open-carrying pistols and rifles. While the officer “let it slide” this time that there were people (many of whom are veterans) waving flags…that the next time it could be enforced.

In response, No Mask Nevada is joining patriots across the county to throw their largest freedom rally to date. In a state suffocating under “emergency powers” Governor Sisolak has bestowed upon himself to strip citizens of their constitutional rights…and his refusal to open the economy up despite the curve being so flat that covid death numbers were zero last week….something tells me, there’s going to be a lot of pissed off patriots who have had enough waving flags there. ??

Join us fellow patriots this Saturday! Stand up to the tyranny forced upon us by a Governor who cares more about listening to the radical Dems in California, than the people of Nevada.

Saturday 29th, 10am-12am

2601 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89120






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