“I’m Here to Confirm Judges and Chew Bubblegum…and I’m All Out I’m Bubblegum

Hellscape 2020 has been a wild ride to say the least. Starting with impeaching a President because he thinks someone openly bragging about crimes is worth investigating, then a global pandemic-driven economic collapse, lunatic power grabs and abuse by local and state governments, race riots, an anarcho-communist revolution torching almost every city of note, political persecution of anyone that tries to defend themselves against rioters and anarchists, a near-coup when the same President quite reasonably suggests troops are needed to quickly stop the insurrection, then to top it off my dog dies. And whatever happened with those murder hornets? I thought that subplot had some promise, but they just up and disappeared.

Anyway, that’s already alot for one year. And if that weren’t enough already, we now have a surprise opening on the Supreme Court just weeks from a bitterly contested Presidential election. That’s right: the Notorious RBG is pining for the fjords as Monty Python might say, but unless you spent the weekend under a rock (or lost in the wilderness) you’ve likely already heard. 

Now I rarely agreed with her, but I’m not celebrating her death; that’s crass, and besides I have plenty of enemies that would love to celebrate mine, so I’m not going to endorse that thinking. Also, fuck cancer just on principle. I’m also not going to write a hagiography, because that’s a job for the usual suspects at all the liberal outlets; judging by the crap clogging my newsfeed they’ve got that angle covered already.

So instead of talking at length about her and the next world, how about we focus on this world, the world of the living; specifically the vacant Supreme Court seat she left behind, and what that potentially means moving forward. Now frankly I wish the judiciary hadn’t grown in influence to the point that selecting judges with compatible ideology is often 90% of the justification behind voting for senators and presidents, but almost no one seems to be seriously attempting to change it. Until something does however, we owe it to ourselves and our nation to ram through the most hardline right wing judge we can rustle up to fill the spot;  thankfully Trump and Senate Majority Leader “Cocaine Mitch” the Murder Turtle McConnell seem to be onboard with that line of thinking.

Of course the Dems are absolutely apoplectic, threatening more riots if that happens as well as promising to pack the court whenever they retake the Senate and Presidency. There’s just one problem: all that stuff they’ve already done or threatened before Ginsburg passed, so why should we care now? Not to mention the rioting was hurting them in the polling, so getting a solid justice on top of provoking the Dems into further wrecking their electoral prospects sounds like a win-win to me. Besides, why are we even entertaining the idea of negotiating with overgrown children that think burning cities down is the go-to response to not getting their way?

Predictably none of those point have stopped cruiseship grifter conservative surrender monkeys like David French and Jonah Goldberg from instinctively arguing in favor of principled surrender, thankfully these clowns seem to be ever-more marginalized in the populist Trump era:


Giving someone what they demand immediately, in exchange for a pinky-swear promise to not victimize you for a set period of time in the future isn’t a “deal” it’s extortion, anyone that agrees to it needs to be tarred and feathered. BTW Nils Gilman, one of the people behind the Dem’s so-called Transition Integrity Project (a thinly-veiled plot to overturn the election when Trump wins) was actually fedpoasting earlier today on twitter about killing White House staffers, so any Republican proposal endorsed by him is definitionally not good for us:


There’s another argument being deployed that we shouldn’t fill this vacancy because we didn’t fill the one in 2016, and it’s usually accompanied by out-of-context quotes from GOP pols like McConnell implying all vacancies in a presidential election year should be delayed. This is an attempt to smear them as being hypocritical, the problem is McConnell actually said no such thing; a closer reading of his statements reveals he always was careful to specify it applied to *lame duck* Presidents from the opposition party, and not incumbent Presidents from the majority party.


Just to clarify I’m not a lawyer and so all this is worth exactly what you paid for it, but let’s still talk about my layman’s understanding of the current state of play on the High Court. 

Right now the Supreme count stands at eight justices: three solid conservatives, three reliable liberals, a libertarian-leaning conservative in Gorsuch, and…whatever the hell Chief Justice Roberts happens to be this week. Ginsburg was notoriously liberal, so losing her means the Dems are in a bind considering they’ve already promised lawsuits over the election results. With four solid lefty votes and unreliable Roberts primarily concerned with the approval of the cocktail circuit crowd, there was a distinct chance of rulings in their favor. Now the absolute best they can hope for is deadlocked 4-4 decision, which means the lower court decisions stand…the same lower courts Trump and McConnell just spent four years filling with Republicans. A solid justice means no deadlock, and all but ensures leftist electoral shenanigans don’t make it past SCOTUS review.

Something else that my fellow gun rights peeps should appreciate is the chance this offers the chance to break the deadlock on 2A cases. Rumor has it the lack of certiorari extended over the past few years to many solid gun rights cases has been because the pro-gun justices felt Kennedy and Roberts were both too lukewarm on the issue, so they didn’t want to risk a bad ruling (it takes five for a majority ruling, but only four to grant cert). With Kennedy replaced and a Justice with a solid interpretation of the Second Amendment in place of Ginsburg, we could potentially see a serious expansion of gun rights in the near future.

So who’s on the list of candidates? Well for starters Trump has indicated he will nominate a woman, which simultaneously drastically reduces the chance of a rape allegation while maintaining the gender ratio on the court; both fairly obvious lines of attack at this point. Revolver News does have a fairly good rundown of the candidate list:


Trump said he will announce his pick Saturday at 5pm, but as of now it seeks the top two are Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa. Both seem to be solid choices, although Lagoa does offer some strategic advantages in that she’s a Cuban-American from Miami -which means the leftist meltdown and abuse will be directed at a Hispanic Floridian, a key demographic this year- and she was confirmed to the 11th circuit court of appeals last November by an 80-15 vote, a potentially powerful argument directed at wobbly Senators that already confirmed her for a different post less than a year ago.

Revolver seems to be a bit concerned about blowback from Barrett however, and I’m not sure I agree with their analysis. She would likely be a solid justice, and while it’s true her charismatic Catholic faith would be a point of attack once again, I think that would actually work in our favor, election-wise. Woke lefties have a nuclear hatred for devout Christian southern whites (she’s from Louisiana) with large families, so riot fatigue combined with unhinged attacks on a wholesome mom with seven kids would only further illustrate their depravity for the benefit of holdouts that have yet to acknowledge the stark choices with which we’re faced.


Another interesting point for Barrett is she apparently thinks “shall not be infringed” is so absolute that even felons deserve their 2A rights being respected post-release, which is probably a good sign where this Based Cajun stands on concealed carry, mag capacity, -and possibly even machineguns.

Rushing also seems like a decent choice, albeit a youthful one with a thin record. I suspect she’ll get passed over this round, although if Trump gets a fourth pick I would like her to get another shot at one of the big chairs.

However we cut it it needs to be understood that now is time for boldness and panache, not cringing weakness and supplication offered by the French/Goldbergs of the world. Fill the seat with a solid justice, and if the Dems wish to remind Americans how insane they are by reenacting the Kavanaugh hearing theatrics while burning left-leaning cities (how’s their polling look on that?) go ahead and be my guest. 

We have the Senate, we have an open seat, and we have Trump; it would be a betrayal of everything we have fought for over the past four years for us to turn away from this opportunity, right when we have the chance to make a generational change and finally start turning the tide of leftist excess. 

ETA: This article was written earlier in the week before Barrett as leaked by insiders as the likely nominee, all I have to add is “alright let’s do this.”

By: Erin Sith

(I know it says Doug but it’s just a website error.)






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