Ground Zero Mosque Advocate Infiltrates Manhattan GOP


By Douglas Dechert 

After the anniversary of the mass murder atrocity commonly referred to as 9/11, and New Yorkers reflected on how and why this crime was perpetrated, one of the most public advocates for symbolic capitulation to our enemies is gaining a foothold in an unexpected quarter of the city’s political establishment. The chief spokesman for the ill-fated effort to build a mosque where the World trade Center’s twin towers once stood is running for a New York State Senate seat as a Republican. On February 11th, 2020New York County Chairwoman Andrea J. Catsimatidis endorsed and appointed Oz Sultan as Republican nominee for the 30th New York State Senate District election (Harlem) coming up in November.

At that moment there had already been signs that Sultan’s candidacy could be problematic. He’d had a measure of notoriety for about 8 years, since he was the spokesman for project called PARK 51 which used a lot of opaque foreign money to gain that unwelcome foothold. While that construction was ultimately blocked, his group did manage to erect a so-called, “Islamic Cultural Center” on adjacent land.

Catsimatidis and her father John Catsimitidis, the Gristedes supermarket chain heir, at around the same time were prominent on the cover of the New York Post for admitting that John routinely used high tech software to spy on his daughter’s dates. Another red flag they might have noticed came up before Sultan’s appointment when, in December, 2019, Sultan was being sued for financial improprieties by Molly C. Braswell, a former Republican campaign aide. The case was adjudicated on the court show HOT BENCH (season 82, episode #6) where the plaintiff prevailed against Sultan with a partial judgement verdict.

Andrea Catsimitidis, who ignored our request for comment,  had cause recently to castigate her protege when Sultan manage to offend the bulk of Harlem’s Republican caucus. On august 8th he promoted a cookout and rally in the district that effectively excluded every prominent Republican candidate and local leader, while prominently featuring a rogues gallery of Democrat politicians, gang members and rabble rousers. Notable honorees included, Adriano Espaillat, the 2 term Democrat Congressman who holds the seat vacated by Charles Rangel; Democrat New York State Assemblyman (73RD District) Alfred Taylor who rose through the ranks of Freddie Ferrer’s machine and also “Bam Bam” (who is, according to our sources, a feared Harlem drug gang boss). 

Among the uninvited were Lovelynn Gwinn, the Republican nominee in this November’s race for Espaillat’s congressional seat and JoLinda Ruth Cogen the former Harlem Republican District leader. Lovelynn Gwinn tells us that not only did Sultan exclude her, but “He tried to persuade me not to run in the first place because he wants to run for that seat 2 years from now!” JoLinda Ruth Cogen sits on the Advisory Board for the Harlem district in question and told us that, “Sultan doesn’t act like a Republican and he won’t listen to the Republican community leadership. I think he’s a misogynist, the way he treats the women in the party here. I asked him to resign.” It was she that brought this fiasco to the attention of Andrea Catsimatidis a few days ago.

Sultan is also publicly partnered with Al Sharpton in the “Second Chance” project, which seems to be devoted to giving felons voting rights.

When asked for comment on these issues, Sultan told us, “I am making a clear distinction between protesters who are calling for racial justice and The BLM organization which most Black people are questioning….in Harlem the focus is bipartisanship.” In this case, “bipartisanship” would be an understatement.

Sultan is now on the Kamala Harris bandwagon, posting on social media that he’s also biracial!

How the Catsimitidises handle this imbroglio has yet to be seen, but given that John Catsimitidis told the NEW YORK POST that he’s planning to spend $100,000,000.00 on his upcoming run for mayor of NEW YORK CITY,  it might be an ongoing controversy.






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