Nevada 2020 Independent Constitutionalist Voting Guide

Election time is coming and let’s face it…they don’t make it easy to vote when it comes down to these ballot questions and their overly complicated, purposefully confusing language. A lot of you asked my opinions on the best way to vote on the ballots. So I sat down with an amazing team of patriots including Brittany Sheehan, John Colaw, and {redacted name: because leftists are vindictive bitches} and researched all the Ballot questions, state and federal positions, and most of the candidate/judge options for Clark County.

And yes I know it says the article was written by Doug, it says everything is written by Doug that I post. It’s a glitch I haven’t figured out how to fix yet. Anyway…

Nevada is a state riddled with corruption thanks to the damage done by Harry Reid Republicans and RINOs. I am one of the few conservatives that will criticize and call out “my own.” As I’ve learned, putting an “R” next to your name does not make you a conservative, having integrity and believing in doing the right thing does. RINOs have destroyed Nevada and they’re just as bad…if not worse than the Democrats running it. I don’t like the corruption I see, but I’m not sure what can be done about it this late in the game. Dozens of seats went unchallenged with no conservative to choose from, and some of the “Republicans” running are so morally corrupt…I can’t even believe they made it to the ticket.

If you don’t know, I ran for Congress in district 3 last minute because I saw that my options for the Republican primary for my district were garbage. Ultimately the GOP backed an endorse a wife-beater with 5 cases of fraud, 3 cases of assault on strangers (one he plead guilty to) and 3 instances of domestic abuse. They are currently playing his wife’s 911 tapes non stop on my TV. Thanks GOP. ??

So yea, I don’t trust anything the GOP or the RNC tells me to vote for right now. I decided to do my own research with my former campaign team, and we’re going to be VERY honest about what we found. I don’t care if I make people mad, you should have just been a better candidate then. ??

We actually couldn’t believe when we started researching these candidates how many of them running had no picture, no website, and no platform or ideas listed anywhere on the web. If we wanted to Make Nevada Red Again…then our establishment dropped the ball, maybe purposefully at this point after everything I’ve seen. It’s fine, I’m sure they’d just endorse their fellow RINOs anyway. ??‍♀️

So this is the best we could do, with what we were given to choose from in 2020. Sometimes the choice is solid, sometimes it’s done reluctantly, sometimes the Republican is worse than the Dem, sometimes it’s between two Democrats and we’re just going with the one that’s the least worst, sometimes we clarify that there is no good option and let you decide which way to swing, and sometimes you literally have to flip a coin between two turds sandwiches.

This should be fun, here we go:

President: Donald Trump (R) I don’t care if you like him or not, have you *seen* the fascist, freedom-crushing destruction the Democrats are pushing for right now? They’re going to cheat anyway, so vote for Trump no matter how big a landslide you thinks it’s going to be…we have to overcompensate for the Dems and their bullshit ballot harvesting they forced on us that we didn’t vote for.

Ballot Question 1

“Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to: (1) remove provisions governing the election and duties of the Board of Regents and its control and management of the State University and require the Legislature to provide by law for the State University’s governance, control, and management and the reasonable protection of individual academic freedom at Nevada’s public higher education institutionsn; and (2) revise the administration of certain federal land grant proceeds dedicated for the benefit of certain departments of the State University?”

This might be the most confusing question on the entire ballot. I spent a day back and forth with the guy who sponsored it, just to even get the jist of what it’s about. It’s so confusing that the team and I were split/undecided on it. So I’ll break it down the simplest way I humanly can, and let you decide on your own which way to go.

Long story short, the board of regents did some shady shit…you can read about it here.

Emails show Nevada higher ed agency misled Legislature on funding study

A vote “Yes” on 1 will stop the board or regents from being able to sue to stop reform of their record the next time they commit fraud, they’ll be able to be held accountable this way. It will add accountability and transparency to their decisions about the budget where none currently exists, by kicking oversight over to the legislation.

Downside…that means you have to trust the legislature to do the right thing, and currently it’s crap. This is where you have to decide which way you want to go on this. I‘m going to vote “Yes” because there does need to be more accountability going on, but that’s me hoping the new legislators rolling in are better than the last…and well, when you see some of the choices you know what my concern is.

Ballot Question 2:

“Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to: (1) remove an existing provision recognizing marriage as only between a male person and a female person and require the State of Nevada and its political subdivisions to recognize marriages of and issue marriage licenses to couples, regardless of gender; (2) require all legally valid marriages to be treated equally under the law; and (3) establish a right for religious organizations and clergy members to refuse to perform a marriage and provide that no person is entitled to make any claim against them for exercising that right?”

This is a pretty redundant bill, we had to go through it a few times to see what they were even getting at. Basically, it legalizes gay marriage in our state constitution…which we hadn’t realized wasn’t. That’s because federal law overrides it and makes it legal anyway. So however you feel about it, it doesn’t matter. It changes nothing. The second part (which I’m glad is in there) protects churches, mosques, and synagogues from being forced to perform weddings they don’t agree to.

I’m voting “Yes” just for the freedom of religion protection alone, a “No” vote won’t change anything anyway. It seems like a good compromise for both sides.

Ballot Question 3:

“Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to: (1) require the State Board of Pardons Commissioners—whose members are the Governor, the justices of the Nevada Supreme Court, and the Nevada Attorney General—to meet at least quarterly; (2) authorize each member of the Board to submit matters for consideration by the Board; and (3) authorize the Board to grant pardons and make other clemency decisions by a majority vote of its members without requiring the Governor to be part of the majority of the Board that votes in favor of such decisions?”

This measure allows anyone to bring a case forward for consideration for a pardon. Which whatever, ok. But more importantly, it limits the Governor’s power on the pardons board.

I’m for anything that limits the Governor’s power at this point, so I’m voting “Yes.”

Ballot Question 4:

“Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended by adding a new section guaranteeing specific voting rights to all qualified and registered voters in the State?

EXPLANATION—This ballot measure would amend the Nevada Constitution by providing an enumerated list of voting rights guaranteed to all qualified and registered voters in the State similar to the enumerated list of voting rights currently protected by existing statutes. Specifically, each voter would be guaranteed the constitutional right to: Receive and cast a ballot that is written in a format which allows the clear identification of candidates and accurately records the voter’s selection of candidates; Have questions concerning voting procedures answered and have an explanation of the procedures for voting posted conspicuously at the polling place; Vote without being intimidated, threatened, or coerced; Vote during any period of early voting or on Election Day if the voter has not yet voted and, at the time that the polls close, the voter is waiting in line to vote at a polling place at which, by law, the voter is entitled to vote; Return a spoiled ballot and receive a replacement ballot; Request assistance in voting, if needed; Receive a sample ballot that is accurate, informative, and delivered in a timely manner as provided by law; Receive instruction on the use of voting equipment during any period of early voting or on Election Day; Have equal access to the elections system without discrimination; Have a uniform, statewide standard for counting and recounting all votes accurately as provided by law; and Have complaints about elections and election contests resolved fairly, accurately, and efficiently as provided by law. A ‘Yes’ vote would add a new section to the Nevada Constitution guaranteeing specific voting rights to all qualified and registered voters in the State. A ‘No’ vote would keep existing provisions of the Nevada Constitution and would not add a constitutional guarantee of specific voting rights to all qualified and registered voters in the State, but such voting rights would be protected by existing statutes.

This one is hella fishy. Initially it seemed super redundant as they admit a vote of “No” changes absolutely nothing, all these things are already protected by law…so what are they really pushing for here?

Then we looked it up and saw that radical leftists like criminal-favoring AG Aaron Ford were pushing it through and thought “Oh hell no, there’s something hidden in this.” Something about this bill gives us a feeling it’s really a set up to make ballot harvesting and mail in ballots to inactive voters and dead people permanent…since the way they just rushed it through on us this year was both shady and unconstitutional.

We all decided on a vote of “No.” We just don’t trust the Dems.

There’s no 5, don’t ask me why. ??‍♀️

Ballot Question 6:

Shall Article 4 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require, beginning in calendar year 2022, that all providers of electric utility services who sell electricity to retail customers for consumption in Nevada generate or acquire incrementally larger percentages of electricity from renewable energy resources so that by calendar year 2030 not less than 50 percent of the total amount of electricity sold by each provider to its retail customers in Nevada comes from renewable energy resources?

This one’s going to come down to how high you’d like your electric bill to be every month. Between the dam and that huge solar field, I feel like Nevada is already on a good path to renewable energy sources…but 50% in 10 years? I mean….stop legislating enforcements on people and just let it happen organically and take that environmental California fascism elsewhere. If you *really* cared about the environment, you’d subsidize people putting in their own solar energy more, not whip them on the back to comply about it or else.

We all agreed on “No” because a) we’re not fans of more government control and regulation anyway, and b) this isn’t really a plan we can afford to do while our economy recovers from the damage Sisolak just laid on us.

House of Reps:

District 1: Joyce Bentley (R)

District 2: Mark Amodei (R) he’s the Republican incumbent.

District 3: Ed Bridges (Independent American) Full disclosure, this one’s personal for me. You see, Dan Rodimer is the wife-beating conman I ran against last minute that the GOP suspiciously shoved down our throats and gave half a million dollars to win last minute. You are welcome to vote for whoever you want, but I cannot in good conscious endorse nor vote for a guy running scams all over town and being set up to sell our district down the river. When he gets indicted for Medicare fraud (and he will) he’ll do more damage to our party than any Democrat ever will. Ed Bridges is a staunch constitutionalist, he will vote conservatively and he won’t embarrass the hell out of us and shame our district like Rodimer. There’s a HUGE number of Independents registered in this district, and tons of people dissatisfied with both their Democrat and Republican options…Ed might be able to pull this off for no other reason than how bad the other candidates are by comparison.

District 4: Jim Marchant (R)

State Assembly Seats: If a seat is missing here, it means only one person ran, and it was usually a Democrat. (Way to go GOP ??)

State Assembly District 4: Esper Hickman (R)

State Assembly District 5: Carrie Ann Buck (R)

State Assembly District 6: April Becker (R)

State Assembly District 11: Joshua Dowden (R)

State Assembly District 18: Scott T Hammond (R)

State Assembly District 19: ??‍♀️ Neither candidate had a platform or enough online about them to judge.

State Assembly District 2: Heidi Kasama (R) She had no platform listed, but she’s the only Republican running.

State Assembly District 4: Richard McArthur (R)

State Assembly District 5: Your choice is between a Democrat (Brittany Miller) or a felon (Mac Miller) that did 2 years in federal prison for abandoning his men in Afghanistan. Feel free to flip a turd coin on that, I’m just doing to leave it blank.

State Assembly District 6: Katie Duncan (R)

State Assembly District 7: Tony Palmer (R)

State Assembly District 8: Eddie Facey (R)

State Assembly District 9: Barbara Altman (R)

State Assembly District 10: Chris Hisgen (R)

State Assembly District 11: Eric Krattiger (R)

State Assembly District 12: John Cardiff Gerhardt (No Party) Now the reason we chose the Independent over the Republican candidate is because the Republican candidate Jeremy Graves did ZERO campaigning. No one knows what he’s about or what his platform is. He doesn’t even have a picture up. So we’re going for the conservative independent running who has been going out there fighting for our rights at all the rallies.

State Assembly District 14: Robert Wayerski (Libertarian) There is no Republican running in this race and we do have concerns as he seems pro-vaccine. This is a very reluctant recommendation over the Democrat.

State Assembly District 15: Stan Vaughn (R)

State Assembly District 16: Alex Reyna Sadjak (R) This woman is sassy and passionate, I’d like to see her make it through.

State Assembly District 17: Jack Polcyn (R)

State Assembly District 18: Heather Ann Florian (R)

State Assembly District 21: Cheryl Arrington (R)

State Assembly District 23: Glen Leavitt (R)

State Assembly District 28: We give no recommendation with the little we can find on them.

State Assembly District 29: Steven DeLisle (R) This one is important, they need to oust the awful incumbent Democrat.

State Assembly District 34: Jay Thomas Carlson (R)

State Assembly District 35: Jay Calhoun (R)

State Assembly District 37: Andy Matthews (R)

State Assembly District 41: Victoria DaCosta (Independent American) This one’s messy. The Republican candidate running lost their dental license and we’re all wondering how bad in life you have to screw up for that to happen. So we’re recommending the DaCosta who is a solid constitutionalist instead.

State Assembly District 42: Liz Delsignore (Libertarian) There is no Republican running, and the other candidates leaned too Left for us.

County Commissioner District A: Michael Thomas (R) His talk of a “living wage” made us think he’s about raising the minimum wage and causing inflation, but he’s the only conservative running.

County Commissioner District B: Kevin Williams (R)

County Commissioner District C: Stravos Anthony (R) He’s kind of an idiot, but he’s the only conservative running.

County Commissioner District D: David Washington (Independent) There’s no Republican running and this guy was a fire chief so ??‍♀️ better than another Dem we guess.

Judges: Now keep in mind that all judge candidates have to be listed as “non partisan.” Now…we all know damn well they’re not. In order to figure out which way they lean, we had to google each one to see how they ruled, and if we could…we looked them up to see what they’re registered as. If you see a ? emoji, it means flip a turd coin…because both choices are too awful to recommend. We need more conservatives running for these positions…because right now they’re almost ALL raging leftists.

Justice of the Supreme Court Seat B: Kristina Pickering

Justice of the Supreme Court Seat D: Douglas Herndon

Court of Appeals Judge Dept 3: ?

District Court Judge Department 1: Jacob Villani

District Court Judge Department 2: Richard Scotti, he’s bit of a nut, but the other candidate is a Democrat.

District Court Judge Department 3: Adam Ganz

District Court Judge Department 4: Nadia Krall

District Court Judge Department 5: Veronica Sisinger Barisich

District Court Judge Department 6: Todd Leventhal

District Court Judge Department 8: Jessica Peterson

District Court Judge Department 17: Michael Villani

District Court Judge Department 18: Mary Kay Holthus

District Court Judge Department 19: Bill Kephart, he has his own issues, but he’s the only Republican running.

District Court Judge Department: We give no recommendation as we do not have enough info on either.

District Court Judge Department 21: Jacob Reynolds

District Court Judge Department 22: ?

District Court Judge Department 23: ?

District Court Judge Department 24: ?

District Court Judge Department 29: David Jones

District Court Judge Department 31: ?

District Court Judge Department 32: ?

District Court Judge Family Division Department E: Chuck Hoskin

District Court Judge Family Division Department G: Benjamin Boone Childs

District Court Judge Family Division Department I: ?

District Court Judge Family Division Department J: ?

District Court Judge Family Division Department: Lynn Hughes

District Court Judge Family Division Department: Mary Perry

District Court Judge Family Division Department T: Jason Stoffel

District Court Judge Family Division Department U: Bill Gonzalez

District Court Judge Family Division Department W: ?

District Court Judge Family Division Department X: Jim Davis

District Court Judge Family Division Department Z: Michele Mercer

And there you go, you’re going to have to do better than this and be more active in these smaller elections if you really want to flip this state red, Nevada. I’ll help you, let’s make sure all these empty seats and turd choices never happen again. As you know, I’ve got a lot of issues on why the red state is blue, and I blame a lot of this on our do-nothing RINO state GOP, and that on the lazy POS Michael McDonald who likes living in the house of Sisolak’s felonious best bud Billy Walters (oh, you thought we didn’t know?) ??

Other patriots, conservatives, and I have been working both here in Nevada and in Arizona on a new third party of independent constitutionalists called the Patriot Party. We clearly cannot count on our establishment to preserve our freedom and democracy…so we’re just going to do it our damn selves

If you have the time, passion, and integrity, and you are interested in running for any of your local or state offices for the next election in 2022…contact me. After I vet you, I will show you can do to win using social media and simple crowdfunding. If I can make waves fighting for a federal position with only 2 months and 30k against guys that had a million dollars and a year…you can do it, no problem. There is a disconnect between the people and the establishment right now, I feel like it’s Trump and a few other people….and then no one. If we want change in this country, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. Whatever shit show happens this November, just start planning for 2022. Be the change.

Mindy Robinson is a political commentator and host of Red, White, and F You: Unapologeticcally Patriotic.

Twitter/Instagram: @iHeartMindy



Patriot Party: @patriotpartyNV @AZpatriotparty






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