Multi-Level Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada

Political corruption in Nevada is nothing new, we’ve been reeling since the Harry Reid years, but this time state level corruption is effecting a pivotal national election.

Since the primaries, I’ve been reporting on voter fraud…not that the state GOP or the do-nothing crooked head of it Michael McDonald ever did much about it. It started when the Dems DEMANDED that every single registered voter in Nevada receive a mail-in ballot because of “covid.” These ballots could be filled out by anyone and mailed back to cheat completely anonymously…which is proving to be exactly what happened. Keep in mind, all anyone with legitimate covid concerns had to do was sign up for an absentee ballot…but that wasn’t enough. What’s even more suspicious is that the Dems fought and won for EVERY inactive voter or dead voter to receive a ballot as well. Explain to me “why” inactive and dead voters need to receive ballots that doesn’t involve creating an opportunity or fraud…because I can’t think of a single one.

On top of all the loose ballots, easy for the picking and stealing littering the state….

Project Veritas recently caught a USPS postal worker in Nevada on video, that was willing to collect and deliver loose ballots for someone that wanted it:

How are we supposed to trust an election that’s *this* easy to cheat in?

The Dems also enacted ballot harvesting within 90 days of the General election. Ballot harvesting was how the Left was able to flip the very red district of Orange County to blue. Republicans were easily winning until boxes of Democrat votes kept showing up until there was enough to win…sound familiar yet?

Must watch video of how ballot harvesting works by PragerU:

Ballot harvesting is actually illegal according to Nevada’s state constitution…but it didn’t stop from them meeting up and changing the law in the middle of the night within 90 days of an election so no one could have time to fight it. Probably doesn’t help the SOS is a anti-Trump RINO and the Attorney General Aaron Ford loves criminals more on Twitter than he does honest citizens. He’s the same guy that tried to enact a law that would allow home intruders to sue home owners for defending themselves in their own homes…I kid you not, we had to harass him until he pulled it. These are the heavily biased people making election decisions for us in Nevada.

Twice during the primary, the state election site was visibly hacked. Hundreds of Nevadans were suddenly ineligible to vote, had their parties changed, or like me…had their entire voting history deleted.

When I complained publicly about my voter history being deleted, it was restored a few days later….incorrectly. Whoever punched it back in forgot to put down that I had voted in the midterms. With zero accountability coming from an obviously crooked and bias state government, the SOS dismissed it as a “glitch.” A glitch would be a frozen screen…it wouldn’t be changing people’s votes and parties. But nice try. ??

Well, here we are again for the general…and the lack of election integrity within the state couldn’t be more obvious. Yet again, citizens are checking their votes and discovering that they aren’t listed, or that someone voted for them using their mail-in ballots.

This individual voted in person during both the primary and on Oct 21 for the general election…but they’re listed as voting by mail during the primary and not at all for the general. His wife’s in person vote on Election Day is also missing. Her vote from 2018 is also missing.

And they’re not alone, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are being flooded with stories of Nevada citizens whose votes are wrong or missing altogether.

But what about the people that don’t live here anymore, who may not even know that their mail in ballots were stolen and used?

360 News Las Vegas did an investigation that compared voter roles with a credit check company to see if any of the returned ballots came from people who moved out of state. So far, over 3k ballots from voters that now live out of state have been returned and counted.

When some of the names were cross referenced on Facebook…they did indeed turn out to be living across the country.

What’s going on here? At the end of the day, do anyone of us actually know if our ballots were counted or even counted correctly…or are we just “trusting” it all to those in power with their own vested interest? How did Biden who had more Trump supporters show up to troll him at his rallies in Nevada than his own supporters here…receive over 164,000 MORE votes than Hillary?

What? They didn’t cheat enough in 2016 (Hillary barely won here) so they were just going to keep adding in votes for Biden? What did they *think* would happen?

And yes, Nevada is one of those states where Trump was doing well until large magical dumps of Biden votes rolled in to tip it.

I think we should cancel the order for Governor Sisolak’s $10 million dollar private jets he bought himself on our tax payers dime, and use it to redo this entire election. This time it needs to be redone, in person, on paper, with mandatory voter ID.

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