Leftists Sending Death Threats Allowed To Keep Accounts; While Conservatives Mass Suspended Without Reason Surrounding the Election

We’ve got a serious problem with Big Tech and their bias toward any opinions that aren’t radically Left. During the week of the election, my inbox was flooded…FLOODED by conservatives that were kicked off for either old posts, the same post being hit multiple times, or some were simply given no reason at all.

Of course, the minute I posted that collage…even more comments from people that were getting hit rolled in.

This would be no shocker to Twitter and Facebook who are notorious for their blatant censorship of conservatives. We can’t get pro-pedophylia pages taken down even with a thousand people flagging it…but the powers that be have the time to ban every single Trump supporting grandma from here to Cincinnati?

The defense to this censorship by the platforms, is that they’re just trying to make it a “safe place” for its users.

Oh, are they?

Then why hasn’t Twitter removed ANY of the pro-Left accounts that have sent me death threats, racist hate mail, and sexually vulgar messages they claim are 100% against their terms of service? In fact, none of the accounts I’ve reported since covid began have ever been addressed or dealt with for the last 8 months…I only get this instead:

Conservatives are being removed for no given reason, meanwhile NONE of these following direct messages from “loving and tolerant” liberals went against the Terms of Service… 🤔

(That reminds me, I should apologize in advance for the travesty of education and grammar that’s about to grace your screen.)

Keep in mind, these are just the messages from the last week or two…I get these all the time. I don’t *know* these people, I’ve never interacted with them as far as I can tell…this is just what these people do for a hobby in their spare time. Even with the death threat you see above that I reported a week ago….that guy’s account is still up.

For 5 years this leftist has been able to keep an account afloat that sends messages about killing people…and we’re not supposed to think there’s a bias on Twitter?

Mainstream media, social media, and Google are all actively trying to steer the populace to the Left while punishing those that speak out.

They suppressed everything negative about Biden, then they suppressed everything negative about Hunter’s laptop because it was damaging to Biden, now they’re suppressing anything related to voter fraud because it ruins Biden’s self-claim or winning and attaching instead auto-tags claiming “voter fraud is rare…”

Every election experiences some kind of voter fraud…but apparently not in 2020….even though there are numerous instances of solid proof, testimonials, dead people voting, “software glitches” switches numbers on live TV, and videos of it being committed across the country in this last election everywhere.

Post anything about voter fraud…

…and they’ll either suppress it, shadowban it, or hit it as “false.” Even the President of the United States isn’t safe from flippant censorship.

Message and tweet your congressional representatives NOW, because someone other than just Ted Cruz needs to give a shit about this blatant censorship before every dissenting opinion is removed online. Oh, and the next time one of your hypocritical liberal friends starts telling you to “unify” and step in line…

…feel free to send them this article and all it’s sampling of love letters from the Left to show them how these people really behave when they think no one is looking. It’s interesting that even though they think they’ve won, these radical liberals never stop being miserable or full of hate.

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