Election Company Dominion is Both Anti-Trump and Rooted in Radical Leftism

A bombshell was dropped on the American public this week, not only had our country been outsourcing our electoral counting to a foreign company called Dominion (AKA Smartmatic) but that company is KNOWN throughout South America for “magically” and unexplainably having votes appear in the middle of the night in socialist countries like Venezuela, and flipping elections back to unpopular dictators.

There’s also the matter of the chairman of the company (who was also the head of TSA under the Obama Administration) being poised to sit on Biden’s optimistic, if not delusional “President Elect Transition” team. You couldn’t have a bigger conflict of interest on the table than this CEO.


And as with everything manipulative, destructive to democracy, and radically left-leaning…it can also be directly tied to George Soros.

The CEO of the company Mark Malloch-Brown, literally wrote the book on Globalism and starting a “New World Order” which of course is socialist, pro-open borders, pro-mass migration, fascist, America-hating, anti-capitalist, and anti-individual at its very core.

In other words, Dominion voting has absolutely ZERO business being used in American elections. Sydney Powell has already stated that they are looking into and investigating Governors and Secretary of States to see exactly “how” this crooked system that was designed with the intent to manually adjust tallies and outcomes of foreign elections, ever ended up winning contracts in American states.


For starters, Dominion was installed in all 33 counties in New Mexico way back in 2014 under the notorious corrupt Secretary of State Diana Duran, who was ultimately convicted of 4 cases of embezzlement and 4 cases of money laundering. The state has been plagued by voter fraud ever since.


If you were watching the election on live TV that night, you might have also noticed a number of odd things. Several states (all battleground states to be exact) experienced number flipping between candidates. From one moment to the next, Americans witnessed votes being taken away from Trump and inexplicably added to Biden.

It what universe would numbers go down for a candidate during counting?

Then in Georgia…there were more “glitches.”


Keep in mind, Georgia just switched to Dominion services last year. They spent $107 million dollars of people’s tax money to switch to a system that they admit themselves wasn’t as trustworthy as others, and would probably end up being challenged in court because it’s prone to hacking…which it now is.


Why would any honest person choose Dominion KNOWING it’s prone to hacking over something better?

Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan…every single battleground state uses Dominion. Interestingly enough, fake fact checker sites have been labeling that information as “false” even though they admit it’s true by using manipulative word play like below.

Nice try, Reuters. But no one is saying Dominion is “only” used in those states, but that ALL the contested states had it. This is the kind of bullshit these sites do more than they don’t. I wrote a whole article exposing that as well, it’s a fun read:


But I digress, these convenient “computer glitches” that favored one side, and one side only this entire election, casted doubt into the integrity for this election and then people really started asking questions.

A hand recount in one county using Dominion in Michigan “glitched” and switched 6k votes from Trump to Biden.


Makes you wonder what other kind of “glitches” haven’t been caught, because just one “glitch” like this is too many, personally.

This ought to be enough alone to demand an audit of ALL STATES that used this system…but wait, there’s more.

Dominion itself is not an unbiased company. In Nevada, the company “donated” thousands to an anti-Trump Republican PAC just this last summer.

Explain to me what an election software company is doing donating money to ANY political side when they’re currently under contract to run that specific election?

What’s even shadier, is that this group also directly supports the woman in charge of elections here in Nevada, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske. The SOS is a vocal anti-Trump RINO, who despite being a “Republican” spent most of her time in office loosening election integrity by ignoring cases of voter fraud, allowing illegals to sign up to vote at the DMV, allowing all these mail-in ballots to be mailed to everyone dead or alive, and then enacted ballot harvesting with zero accountability in the middle of the night against Nevada’s own state constitution.

Cegavske also explained away the hacking of the systems electoral site (when hundreds of Nevadans including me had their voting history deleted or altered) as a “glitch.” A glitch is a frozen screen…it doesn’t delete people’s voting history and put it back different.


Cegavske was one of very few Republicans to keep her seat…and suspiciously by a decent margin during a midterm election that shocked Nevada with an unexpected late night Democrat “sweep.” We’re supposed to believe Democrats voted down the line all blue…except for one Republican? Cegavske’s only purpose in life, seems to be to put the blame for all this on Republicans if it all hits the fan, which it is. You’d have to live in Nevada to understand just how bad the RINOs are here.

As it turns out, Dominion’s top engineer for the company was also revealed to be a vocal and rabid anti-Trumper. He has since been scrubbed from the Dominion website.


Other Dominion employees began scraping or hiding their profiles as well.

Both mainstream and social media platforms have been actively burying all posts that reveal voter fraud, continually excusing instances of proof away as “rare” or “unfounded.” Which is interesting given the fact that NBC themselves did an entire segment back in 2019 about how these Dominion Voting machines were easy to manipulate and prone to hacking:


Truth is, the Democrats knew Dominion software was prone to “flipping votes” and changing election outcomes, top Dems like Elizabeth Warren complained about it back in 2019.


The reality of it is that Dominion software has been “computer glitching” and effecting elections in this country for awhile. In 2018 it caused “glitches” in the Nevada midterms…the same midterm that Democrats took a late night sweep in. Even more suspicious, was how Joe Gloria the county election Czar, couldn’t “figure out” how many people double voted in that election. That doesn’t make sense considering anyone who voted twice…would just be in the system twice. Why not run an audit on the whole system for abnormalities….unless of course, you’re afraid of what they’ll find.


Keep in mind that Joe Gloria is the same guy that was caught blocking poll watchers from observing and telling staff to keep them “50 feet away” so they can’t see what we’re doing.


We’ve got a problem in this country, and the question isn’t *how* one political party was able to steer an entire presidential election…but how long they’ve been doing it.

Think back to how smug Hillary Clinton was in being sure that she would win…she didn’t even write a concession speech. The Left attacked Trump supporters so viciously that many secretly voted Trump, and perhaps caused the Left to underestimate just how much they’d have to skew the numbers by.

Biden is also on video during the campaign saying “He doesn’t need your votes to win.” What does that mean? When in the history of politics did a candidate tell people he didn’t need their vote? I guess he wasn’t kidding though.

Audit everything, bring charges if necessary, and move away from electronic ballots and back to accountable paper ballots. Democrats will not give us our rights and freedom back willingly, that much is clear by all these severe post-election restrictions and lockdowns. It was never about covid, covid was the excuse to backdoor bigger government control and rig an election with mail-in ballots under the guise of “public safety.” If it were really about public safety, the DNC wouldn’t have encouraged their constituents to show up on Election Day in person to vote…even if they were actively sick with covid.


If something seems hella wrong…it’s because it is. Don’t lay down for this corruption, hold the line. 🇺🇸

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