Movement to Demand Nevada State Senate Impeach Governor Sisolak NOW

While Nevadans are working hard to recall Nevadan Governor “Shady” Steve Sisolak…he isn’t making it easy. He’s even gone as far as to have city officials shut down an outdoor recall event against him by directly threatening the landlords.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, follow Battleborn Patriots to see how, or click…here.

There is however an even easier way to remove the Governor. The state senate also has the power to impeach the Governor for stripping us of our constitutional rights under “emergency powers” he gave himself.

Sisolak just restricted the state further by demanding already struggling businesses drop from 50% capacity to a business-ending 25%, no more restaurant walk ins, private gatherings limited to 10, and masks must be worn inside and outside the house. Keep in mind, our hospitals in Nevada are empty, in particular the “emergency covid hospitals” the state spent $11 million dollars on.

Something needs to be done about the raging hypocrisy, corruption, and tyranny that’s happening to Nevada. Contact our State Representatives and demand they impeach Sisolak NOW.


If your District Senator is not listed, reference this webpage:

(D) Nicole Cannizzaro, Majority Leader

(R) Scott Hammond, CO-Minority Whip
775-684-1442 702-523-9055

(R) Joseph Hardy Asst. Minority Leader
775-684-1462 702-581-3066

(R) Ben Kieckhefer D-16
775-684-1450 775-223-9618

(R) Heidi Seevers-Gansert Co-Minority Whip

(R) James Settelmeyr
775-684-1470 775-450-1614


If your District Assembly Person is not listed reference this webpage:

(D) Teresa Benitez-Thompson
775-684-8845 775-247-7765

(R) Gregory Hafen Asst Minority Whip
775-727-1629 775-684-8805

(R) Lisa Krasner Asst Minority Whip
775-684-8848 775-420-8411

(R) Glen Leavitt Minority Whip
775-684-8530 702-738-2128

(D) Daniele Monroe-Moreno Asst Majority Floor Leader
775-684-8509 702-816-7922

(R) Phillip P.K. O’Niell AD-40

(R) Tom Robert’s CO-Deputy Minority Floor Leader
775-684-8853 702-429-2880

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