Nevada Governor Demands More Severe Covid Restrictions Despite Empty Hospitals

Behind yet another video conference press release because refuses to face his angry constituents in person, Governor “Shady” Steve Sisolak ordered further covid restrictions on a state already struggling to keep its economy pieced together.

Sisolak himself is notorious for breaking his own mandates while enforcing them on others, from getting caught enjoying the live music he banned at a ritzy dinner…

To the numerous pictures of him breaking his own mask mandate.

Sisolak’s latest suffocating restrictions require businesses already being forced at 50% capacity to drop to a business-destroying 25%. He’s also limiting private family gatherings to 10 with masks required INDOORS and OUTDOORS. He also further restricted church gatherings which is just one of many constitutional rights he’s stripped from his citizens under “emergency powers” he granted himself.

Thing is…there is no covid crisis in a Nevada. It’s been completely fabricated. The numbers were never high here, deaths have been down in general, anyone that tests positive with 30 days of dying of natural causes counts as a “covid death.”

To make matters shadier, Sisolak also went against federal orders and used faulty Chinese tests that create false positives.

If you needed further proof that the covid “crisis” is being manufactured, a patriot in Reno went to visit the “emergency covid hospital” that the state spent $11 million dollars only to find it completely empty and unmanned as recently as yesterday (Nov 24.)

That’s right, in a world where citizens can’t get the Governor to fix the unemployment system that hasn’t worked since covid lockdowns started, the Governor found funds to spend $11 million dollars on an empty parking garage no one is using. He also bought not one, but two private jets for himself at a cost of $14 million on our tax payer’s dime that despite angry pleas from constituents, he has yet to cancel.

But “Why” would Sisolak push restrictions that are destroying Nevada over a crisis he himself is trying to inflate? Because that’s what California Dems and the DNC want him to go. He’s made an illegal “pact” with Colorado and the ultra liberal states of Oregon, Washington, and California that goes AGAINST the needs of Nevadans.

Why the illegal pact? Because it’s part of of an even bigger plan to backdoor radical progressive and socialist policies the Left wants…but can’t enact in any other legal manner. When covid turned out not to be anywhere near as bad as China suspiciously made it out to be, the restrictions in Democrat/RINO run states didn’t let up. “2 weeks to flatten the curve” has turned into 8 months of forced lockdowns and heavy restrictions on personal freedom. Even non-political people would make comments that this seemed to only be done to hurt the economy and Trump. Many thought it would all be over once the election ended…but it didn’t, it got even worse and will continue to do so. It wasn’t as much about “hurting Trump” as it was hurting the American people…increasing government control, suspending constitutional rights under the guise of “public safety” and destroying our capitalist society to usher in socialism.

This isn’t “crazy talk” either, this is an actual plan called the “Great Reset” which is what they’ve been trying to do to Europe for a decade. Open borders, mass migration, and more powerful elite leaders to rule over them all. Now even Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is pushing for it…it is not just a “conspiracy theory” anymore.

On top of the fact that Nevada’s general election was a virtual shit show between illegals getting ballots, dead people voting, the election czar refusing to allow poll watchers, using the very crooked and rigged software from Dominion who donated to an anti-Trump Republican PAC as recent as this summer, and election numbers that don’t add up to the point they’re mathematical impossibilities…it’s become apparent there is something very corrupt at the highest level in the state and perhaps federal intervention is needed.

Oh, and if you’d like to know where your unemployment money went…it went out of state because it was STOLEN by out of state scam artists. Don’t expect them to do anything about it either, they’re too busy pretending there’s a covid “crisis” to do their jobs.

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