Portland Antifa Falls for 300k Scam: Buys Rental House for Landlord

By Erin Sith

Sometimes it seems the only certain things are death, taxes, and grifters grifting. Whether it’s clowns to the left of me https://thepostmillennial.com/riot-ribs-too-hot-to-handle or jokers on the right http://redwhiteandfyou.com/?p=9676 the one constant I’ve witnessed in politics and activism is if money’s flowing, there’s a conga line of conspirators crafting increasingly elaborate schemes for getting their beaks wet.

With that said, whatever the hell just happened in Portland last week with the so-called “Red House on Mississippi” not only may set a new high watermark in griftology against Portland lefties, but may even end up horseshoe-theorying its way back around to being a legitimately hilarious caper. 

This story is really crazy and I’m going to have to walk you through it from the beginning, but essentially it looks like Moorish sovereign citizen landlords took out a loan on their rental property to cover their idiot son’s legal bills, stopped making payments, tried to get away with it using laughably transparent sovereign citizen legal tactics, then once the house was foreclosed on and sold at auction, recruited Portland anarchists using a dopey “indigenous social justice” narrative to fight off the cops that tried to evict them before barricading the entire neighborhood.

Meanwhile, they fundraised over 300 grand online from dumb white lefties to buy it back, while the new owner was doxed and harassed into agreeing to sell it to them at cost. 

The *chef’s kiss* is while all this was going on the sovereign citizens were negotiating in secret with the city government to agree to stop the eviction, which (when it became publicly known) absolutely humiliated and enraged the anarchists due to their strict “don’t talk to cops” rule. The end result is a family of scammers get a free house, anarchists get arrested and beat up by cops while acting as a bargaining tool for landlords, naive urban coffeshop liberals are out over a quarter-million bucks to buy scammers a free house, and Mayor Ted Wheeler humiliates himself with a groveling public Twitter apology.

There were sooo many red flags around this story from the beginning, but SJWs wouldn’t be Woke if they actually stopped to consider conflicting evidence. For example how could they be getting evicted if Oregon currently has a “no new eviction orders” policy in place during the pandemic? Wouldn’t any sane person dig a little deeper before bandwagoning onto this cause? Of course they would, which is why it took insane Oregon lefties to fall for this.

Let’s start with the “Red House on Mississippi” website, https://redhouseonmississippi.com/story which tells the tale of the Kinney family and their battle to retain control of a house that, in their own words, “were redlined out of getting loans in North Portland and bought the home outright with cash in 1955...Their oldest son, William Kinney Jr. grew up in the house and remembers a time when the home was a rental for Black families and he would help his father to collect rents.”

Ok so they owned it free and clear and even turned it into a rental (don’t anarcho-commies hate landlords?) what happened next? “The Kinneys describe the attack on their family as beginning in 2002, when their son, William III was taken to prison at the young age of 17 for an automobile accident. In hopes of saving their child from the brutality of the prison system, the family was left with no choice but to take out a loan against their home to pay for costly legal fees.”

Protip: any time you see someone use the passive voice (“was taken to prison’) just assume they’re trying to bullshit you about something, and this is no example: William blew a stop sign at 60 MPH and killed a senior citizen and respected local journalist: https://nwlaborpress.org/klare/030102.html

This next part actually jiggled an old memory, because it sounded so much like a post-2008 legal strategy people were using to get out of paying the mortgage note:”The Kinneys then received paperwork from both entities for the next two months, each demanding payment, so the family sent a letter seeking to verify the new entity that was servicing the loan.” 

As part of the mortgage-backed securitization process, it was rather common for the original documents to get trashed and the loan recorded in an electronic database called MERS. The catch is this wasn’t always completely legal in every jurisdiction, so there was a spate of legal challenges requesting the mortgages be voided if the original documents could not be produced. This tactic actually met with some mixed success, and you can still see variations of it tried even today.

The whole thing just gave me a weird feeling, thankfully they included a short video documentary on the site to help explain everything…and whoah boy did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dec3G56dMBc&feature=emb_title

It actually wasn’t all that crazy until around 4 minutes into it, when the son filmed himself and so-called Moorish citizen “Emperor Omar Jibri” jumping behind a judge’s bench while waving a Moroccan flag and claiming the court under the jurisdiction of 18th century international treaties, and well… look it’s nuts from that point on, just take my word for it and watch it, ok?

(Here’s a link that explains more about the Moorish movement and their notorious scams)


Take a look at the house, see the red flag? that’s the Moorish flag from the video. The green flag is the ‘SSKTR’ flag they created for the Salish Skajet Kwabacabs(?) Tribal Republic, their imaginary Moorish kingdom:

All of that took me less than ten minutes to figure out from information they included on their own website, but that didn’t stop Portland lefties from eating the narrative they were fed (cops evicting poor black family in freezing weather during a pandemic) and responding to the call like a swarm of idiots:


So they fight the cops off, then barricade the entire neighborhood (sucks to be their neighbor I guess)


Let’s just scatter caltrops around, what could possibly go wrong?


Hey guess what? people show up with guns and start acting as “security” like they did in Seattle,  except thank God no one got killed this time. They did beat up some kids though:


The obligatory Gofundme calls go out, because it wouldn’t be a grift otherwise:


It isn’t long before other people start asking awkward questions about the family’s story not adding up; this twitter thread is a really good fisking of the story:


LOL salt is flowing:


Then people figure out the family actually owns a second home nearby and it’s their primary residence:


The bullshit is so unreal at this point that the City reaches an agreement to not force an eviction and the individual that purchased the house at auction agrees to sell it back at cost to stop the harassment:


After everything spills out lefties can no longer deny they got conned into tard jousting cops for a group of scammers, and feeling about this are…mixed:


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen in Portland; The riot ribs fiasco (linked in the first paragraph) was the most egregious example until now, but there’s been lots of smaller cases of people making bank from lefty activism and general riot-related activities:


It’s one thing to fall for a phishing attempt or buy into a MLM business, but this? Woke lefties seem to apply zero critical thinking to anything that sounds like something they want to hear, so it doesn’t look like the scams are going to stop anytime soon. Maybe paying off a capitalist landlord’s rental home will finally wake them up, but somehow I doubt it.






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